In the Herald - A chance to show off was not to be missed

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Wed 7 Jul 2021

Irvine Camera Club has been participating in Exhibitions for many years, usually having an annual exhibition of members photographs in the local Library, and other venues as they occur.

But with lockdown, the Library being closed, and public gatherings not allowed any thought of an exhibition last year went right out the window!

So when contacted by the University Hospital Ayr, our Committee chose to go forward and take advantage of the offer of a slot available for an exhibition in the main corridor, even though on very short notice. We love a challenge!

Members were contacted to see if they had any prints they would like to exhibit, and as usual the members responded positively, resulting in around 40 prints for the exhibition. A poster was put together (promotional poster shown below)  and suitable frames were found and purchased. Committee member Sandra King and Secretary Alan Kempster can be seen in photographs below hanging the prints in the main corridor of Ayr Hospital on the opening day, 26th of June.

At Irvine Camera Club we strongly believe in giving all of our members a platform for their work to be seen and appreciated, irrespective of how much experience they may or may not have.  So, as well as members who have been doing this for many years, we also encouraged our beginners and less experienced photographers to join in.  This helps pass on the skills of printing and framing, and encourages the new members to look at pictures that are not displayed on a screen. We are delighted to say that the whole club got behind the project and produced a body of work we hope will encourage people to look deeper into photography as an art form, and as a pleasurable and worthwhile pastime.

The exhibition runs from now until the 27th of August, so if you are in the area or visiting someone in hospital, spend some time taking in the various members prints - see if you can recognise any of the places shown, or just lose yourself in the various scenes depicted. A great way to help calm yourself before and after a hospital visit with loved ones. Please note that other local artists are also exhibiting their works in the same exhibition space, so there are many different styles on display.

To help support the members and the Hospital, the prints are availble for purchase, details at the exhibition. The proceeds are shared with the Hospital so you are supporting the excellent work done at the Hospital, and helping our members defray the costs of producing their art.

Our thanks go to University Hospital Ayr for the opportunity to exhibit, and to support the NHS in what has been a very difficult period.

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I just noticed the Laural & Hardy and Still Game paintings... they are by my friend David Mcrae!

Sorry Clive, I'm afraid they're not. I thought so when I met the artist, but he's LJ Howie from Maybole(see him on FB). There seems to be quite a few doing this sort of thing. Sorry!