In the Herald - Capturing the perfect moment in the sun

Date Published 
Wed 21 Jul 2021

Irvine Camera Club has been taking advantage of the good weather we've been having with our summer challenge series, visiting various beauty spots along the West Coast, and on July 7th, it was the turn of Dunure to be descended upon by our members.

The sun was shining, there were interesting cloud formations, the light on the Castle was excellent, walking along from the Harbour to the Castle and beyond to the lookout points perched on the high bluff gave views of a somewhat hazy Ailsa Craig and Arran - what photographer could ask for more?

Our three guidelines for the shot-list this week were Harbour Scene, Long Exposure, and a Scene with Ailsa Craig.

There was plenty of choice for the Harbour Scene - lots of boats moored, lots of boats in various stages of repair, lots of fishing gear and equipment stacked to the side, the buildings and all the other bits and pieces that make up a working harbour - look out for the Sea Horses adorning the Harbour wall, the kids love that.

Ailsa Craig was shrouded in a haze and proved challenging to make interesting under those conditions, but the included photographs show how well our members coped with this challenging brief.

The long exposure type shot is best shot using a tripod for stability, as the camera has to be still while the picture is being taken. The idea of the long exposure type is to capture movement - you have probably seen many shots where the water in the shot takes on a milky, soft appearance - that is a result of using a long exposure time on your camera.

As we are now in holiday season, a couple of members took part in the challenge from the locations they were visiting, so don’t be too confused if some of the photos here don’t appear to be Dunure!

The members who were able to attend were pleased to have made the effort and to catch up in person in an outdoor setting with other members. If you would like to join us at these Summer Challenges or for the full Winter program (starting September) please get the details from our web site ( ) and while you are there, please feel free to check out the members galleries.