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Date Published 
Thu 5 Nov 2020

Herald Edition - 28/10/2020

At this time of year, the countryside is ablaze with colour.  It really is visual feast for photographers, with the leaves turning shades of orange, red and yellow.  The sky can also get very dramatic with the increasingly early sunsets catching stormy clouds as they roll in from the Firth of Clyde.  Flocks of geese have been returning from their arctic breeding ground and are now a regular site circling the wet Ayrshire fields where they will spend the winter months.  Our woodlands are also alive with activity as the leaves fall from the trees and provide the perfect damp, dark conditions for fungi to thrive.  Strange fairy-tale toadstools emerge from beneath the trees and provide keen photographers with a very different perspective on the natural world.  It all seems to heighten the sense of mystery and the increasingly spooky evenings as we approach Halloween.


I have been particularly keen to get out of the house during these strange times and I have to admit to becoming a little obsessed with documenting the seasons as they come and go.  Autumn, I think, is my favourite.  There just seems to be so much going on as nature prepares for the darker and colder days ahead.  Some of the other Irvine Camera Club photographers have also taken advantage of the conditions to get out to take some colourful seasonal images and, together with a few of mine, they are featured here for your enjoyment.


I hope these inspire you to want to put your wellies on and get out and about, to kick up some leaves and to find interesting subjects for your camera.  Irvine Camera Club is continuing to meet online and we are always keen to welcome anyone with an interest in photography.  You can find our contact details and more examples of our work on our website as well as all the usual social media platforms.


I think that the club should have a calender and sell it, to make money for the club. 12 selected photos..

Submitted by paul-kelly on Fri 6 Nov 2020 1:19am

Hi Paul.  I've done several calendars before including a high profile one for the Ayrshire Hospice.  On each occassion they have barely made any money.  The unit cost is very high unless you are ordering thousands.  You end up having to charge a very high price for a small relatively low quality product just to cover your costs.   

was trying to find other ways to raise awareness and funds for the club.... thanks Clive

Submitted by paul-kelly on Fri 6 Nov 2020 8:19pm

Hi Paul,

I put your question to the Committee 2 or 3 meetings ago but it was rejected.  It believe it was minuted.


Submitted by tracy-ross on Sat 7 Nov 2020 8:32pm