In the Herald - Camera club off to college

Date Published 
Wed 20 Jul 2022

Last week Irvine Camera Club took a wee trip down to Auchincruive just east of Ayr.  Up until 2007 the estate was home to the Scottish Agricultural College.  Many of the college buildings remain giving the abandoned site a ghostly atmosphere, perfect for capturing some interesting photographs.

Auchincruive House, known as Oswald Hall until 2020, is an impressive listed building but it was the rather eccentric castellated tea-house “Oswald’s Temple” that drew the most attention of our keen photographers.  Standing on a small hill it sits proudly, if not somewhat lopsidedly, on the horizon.  Against the moody summer evening sky it made quite an impressive sight above the now dormant agricultural estate below.

We headed through the college complex and down towards the River Ayr.  A cool breeze helped to keep most of the midges at bay as we framed our shots of the river and of Oswald’s Bridge which grandly spans the water.  On our way back to the cars the rolling Ayrshire countryside provided beautiful pastoral views, with old oak trees studding the fields while sheep and cattle grazed.

The diverse countryside gave our keen photographers plenty to think about, from finding interesting shapes in the architecture to showing the river as it cuts through the vibrant green woodland on its banks.  Using the locals and ourselves as models we also encouraged everyone to capture people in the environment, making images which not only show the place but also record this visit as a distinct moment in time.

We still have many other photo walks scheduled for the summer so, if you are a keen photographer or if you just want to get out and take some photos please have a look at our website where you will find all of our details.  You are always welcome to come along.  Until next week… enjoy the light!