In the Herald - C4 Results

Date Published 
Wed 14 Dec 2022

Last Tuesday night Irvine Camera Club welcomed Andy Stark to judge our second Digital Projected Image competition of the season.   With another large entry of almost 90 images Andy did very well to give a detailed assessment of everyone's photographs.  All our members very much appreciated his thoughtful and kind approach in delivering his appraisal of our work.  As well as commenting on our images we also asked Andy to select some of his favourites for commendation.  I have included some of those in this week’s paper. 

But, as always, the judge is also required to single out their top placed entries.

Andy chose 4 images in joint 3rd place.  David Bell with his atmospheric slow shutter seascape "Bagh Steinigidh Beach",  Stephen Kerr with an intriguing lunar composite "Moonrise",  Janet Paterson’s very well thought out still life chess still life "Let Battle Commence" and Tracy Ross with a gorgeously taken portrait "Zahra"

In joint 2nd Place Andy selected Tracy Ross with her evocative and moody monochrome image "The Samuel Beckett Bridge" and Fiona Wallace with one of her hallmark high quality sport’s photographs "YES! First win of the season" 

Andy's overall winner of this round was Tracy, completing a clean sweep of the places with her spectacular photograph of Red Kites battling in the sky "Fight or Flight"

Tracy's impressive performance in both rounds of this year’s DPI competition confirms her title of "Best Overall DPI Photographer" this season.  The Annick Quaich will be awarded to her at our prizegiving evening in the spring.  In the meantime there are many more awards still to be decided and the competition is very close!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the fantastic work produced by our members.  If you would like to develop your photography further then please feel free to pop along to the club.  We meet Tuesday evenings at the Irvine Community Sports Club.  You can find all of our details on our website