In the Herald - C4 Projected Digital Images

Date Published 
Thu 14 Dec 2023

Copy and Text by Andrew Winter


Photographic competitions, a staple of a photography clubs’ season, are a great way to present your images to other people and receive feedback on them.  It always starts conversations and generates discussion as to the merits or shortcomings of an image.


This week Colin McLatchie from Eastwood Photographic Club came along to our club night to judge our second Open Digital Projected Image Competition.  Colin did a great job of commenting on all the images and giving helpful advice with his top award going to David Bell with his stunning black and white image of a racing motorbike and sidecar called ‘29’.  Joint second places went to Ross Sturgeon for his ‘Stonechat’ and James Bailey for his ‘Tranquil Paddle’ and joint thirds to Tracy Ross for her ‘Hungry Chick’ and Malcolm Yates for his ‘Catch Of The Day’.  The other images shown here were all highly commended.


Our full programme of talks, events and competitions that take place throughout the autumn and winter has just started.  We meet on Tuesdays starting at 7.30 at Irvine Community Sports Club, Waterside, Marress Roundabout, Irvine KA12 8DL


Full details can be found on FB and Insta and on our website: