In the Herald - Black and white shot had the lot

Date Published 
Wed 29 Sep 2021

Following our very successful opening night, Irvine Camera Club started the new season properly with a fun “Knock Out” competition.  We asked all of our members to provide three of their favourite photographs taken on our summer evening photo walks.

On the evening, the photos were projected in pairs to the audience, giving everyone time to have a good look at each picture.  After a minute or so we asked everyone to choose their favourite image by a show of hands.  The photographer who took the image with the least votes was then invited to tell us all about their photo, with other club members also able to voice their appreciation.  This was a great way to get people talking and taking part in the discussion, as well as helping our new members get to know everyone.

Going through all 32 images took us to our tea break and a chance for some informal chat and our weekly raffle.  It also gave me a chance to prepare the round 2 images for display in the second half.

As the evening progressed it became increasingly difficult for everyone to choose their preferred photo from each pair presented, and the votes were often very close.  Slowly but surely the room’s favourites started to emerge until, after 4 rounds, we had whittled the pack down to the final two photographs, my shot from our trip to Darvel FC’s match with Irvine Meadow “Eyes on the Ball” and Debbie Andrews wistful candid “Catching up” which was taken on our visit to Ayr.

In the end it was a clear win for Debbie’s photograph which had captured the room’s attention from the very first round.  “Catching up” is a great example of a photograph which conjures up feelings of nostalgia as well as making the viewer ask questions about the people we are seeing.  Monochrome is a great choice which really helps to simplify the image.  The wide screen crop gives it a real cinematic story telling quality.  All in all a worthy winner on the night.

This week (Wednesday 29th) we are heading to the Maritime Museum in Irvine for a practical night where we intend to make good use of the nautical machinery and exhibits to produce some more interesting photography.  You are very welcome to join us!

As usual, all our info is on the club website