In the Herald - Black and White brings out the best

Date Published 
Thu 16 Feb 2023

A few weeks ago, Ruth Hayton of Ayr Photographic Society was at Irvine Camera Club to judge the second and final round of our monochrome print competition. 

Ruth brought her unique approach to assessing our black & white printed photographs, giving each one a careful analysis, highlighting areas for improvement in a constructive way.  I have included many of the images that she singled out for praise in this week’s edition.  As always though, we did require Ruth to choose her top 3 prints.  

In third place she chose a stylish studio portrait “Hi Chloe” by beginning photographer, Colin Grant.  Ruth commented on the good range of tones and comfortable and relaxed pose of the model.  Getting a placing in these competitions isn’t an easy thing to achieve – congratulations Colin!

Fiona Wallace continues to impress this season with her sports photography, and it was another one of her excellent rugby photos of an exuberant try scorer, “Yay! Ya dancer!” that was awarded 2nd Place by Ruth.  The excitement and energy captured in the image is palpable.

In first place Ruth went for the photo that made her laugh the most.  Colin Houston’s cheeky and irreverent “Nae Respect” which juxtaposes the pomposity and solemnity of a statue of Thomas Coats, a Paisley cotton mill owner, with the toilet habits of a seagull perched on his head.   The Coats family were directly responsible for much of Paisley’s prosperity but their links to the slave trade have recently ignited a debate about how the statue should be displayed to the public.  Whether Colin’s photo was intended as a political statement or not, Ruth still found it very amusing, in particular Thomas’s apparent expression at being covered in seagull poop!

Irvine Camera Club continue to meet every Tuesday evening at the Irvine Community Sports Club.  If you would like to know more about our club, please have a look at our website or just pop along to say hello.  Until next week, enjoy the light!