In the Herald - Better snaps lie ahead for Irvine photographers

Date Published 
Thu 2 Jul 2020

This week we gave two challenges to the members of Irvine Camera Club.  To take a photo of a subject beginning with the first letter of your name and another based solely around the theme of Technology.  We certainly had some interesting interpretations of both topics, with our more devious photographers approaching the challenge with some lateral thinking.

Although these exercises are really just a bit of fun, they are designed to get people to push themselves a little bit out of their comfort zone.  It’s always good to take a sideways look at the world and to present the everyday familiar items around us in a different way. 

With the relaxation of social distancing restrictions now beginning to be gradually introduced, the club is going to take its first few steps back to our normal summer routine.  So, we are planning a suitably socially distance meet next week.  Weather permitting, we help and encourage each other on a wee field trip.  Challenges will be set for members to meet with photographs taken on that evening.  We will of course relax the requirement to be there for those that are unable or unwilling to take part, but for the majority it should be a great opportunity to meet up in person for the first time since March.

All being well, we will then move into a regular bi-weekly field trip with alternate weeks being used to discuss our work on Zoom. 

Once again, if you would like to join us for an outing or for one of our interactive online Zoom sessions, please contact us at our website or via any of our social media outlets.  We would love to see you!  Until next week, take care and keep safe.

See all the images that made the paper here -


See all the images that made the paper here -