In the Herald - Bargany Gardens provides the most beautiful setting

Date Published 
Wed 15 Jun 2022

Over the course of a few days at the end of May several of our members took advantage of the opening of Bargany Gardens to the public.  Bargany, near Grivan, has an extensive 5- acre mature woodland garden with a fine show of azaleas and rhododendrons.  There is also a lovely lake with a picturesque boathouse, as well as Bargany house itself.  The weather was largely kind to our keen photographers, and they didn’t disappoint, coming back with lots of beautiful images to share with the club.

Some of our club members have also joined the Royal Photographic Society and it just so happened that their Scottish Region was running a photography day at Kennedy Gardens towards Dumfries.  So, included in the images from Bargany I have also added some of the photographs taken there.

We are lucky in Scotland to have so many well-kept and beautiful gardens to visit.  Given the right weather and at the right time of year it is very easy to spend several hours making colourful images of the gorgeous flowers and the landscaped gardens.  I hope this slash of colour brightens up your day, and that you are perhaps inspired to visit a local garden to enjoy making photographs of your own.

Our summer programme of photo walks continues apace.  If you would like to come along you can find all our details on our club’s website,