In the Herald - Autumn is pretty as a picture

Date Published 
Tue 5 Oct 2021

Autumn has well and truly arrived and summer is already feeling like a distant memory.  With the change of the season, Irvine Camera Club photographers have been out and about with their cameras creatively capturing images of the changing colours and scenery.  It’s not just the colours in nature that change at this time of year.  The skies become broodier, morning mist hangs above the fields and the sun’s light rakes across the landscape in a way that can conjure an ethereal atmosphere to the scene.   From our own back gardens to the glorious forests of Pitlochry, we have found autumnal inspiration for making beautiful photographs everywhere.

Although camera clubs can sometimes become a little bit obsessed with competitive photography, we always try to remind our members that the real joy of photography is often simply being in the moment; getting out and about, forgetting about the worries of the world and allowing yourself to respond to what you see around you.

Most of us get into photography because we enjoy looking at pictures, especially pictures we discover by ourselves.  Really “seeing” things is important to us, and photographs are a great way of preserving what we see and of sharing it with others.

Photography is a chance to recapture the sense of excitement of seeing something for the first time and it gives us opportunities to be creative in ways we enjoy.  Whether you are documenting subjects which are important to you, or using them as vehicles to express your own ideas and feelings, do your photography for the joy of it.  There is no better reason for making pictures!

Irvine Camera Club meets most Wednesday evenings at Fullarton Community Hub in Irvine.  Whether you are complete beginner or an experienced photographer, you are very welcome to come along and join in.  Our details can be found on our website