In the Herald - April 15th - Crosshouse Hospital Exhibition 2019

Date Published 
Thu 16 Apr 2020

The Club's in the local paper again this week. Many thanks to all the photographers, Clive Watkins and The Irvine Herald.....

Hospital Exhibition was a Privilage

This time last year Irvine Camera Club were preparing for an exhibition of photography at Crosshouse Hospital. With the help of our competition secretary, Ian Mortimer, we were able to secure space in the main corridor at Crosshouse to exhibit 60 framed prints during the months of September and October. An event of this size is no small undertaking for a relatively small club. Without the tenacity and dedication of Ian and our secretary, Alan Kempster, it simply wouldn’t have happened. From procuring frames to ensuring our members knew how to print, mount and prepare their work to a high standard took a considerable amount of effort and coordination. Then of course, all 60 framed photographs had to be transported to the hospital and hung appropriately in the available space. At Irvine Camera Club we strongly believe in giving all of our members a platform for their work to be seen and appreciated, irrespective of how much experience they may or may not have. So, as well as members who have been doing this for many years, we also encouraged our beginners and less experienced photographers to join in. I am delighted to say that the whole club got behind the project and produced a body of work we were all very proud of. This week we are featuring some of those fantastic images, specifically the ones from our rising stars. Since the exhibition we have had really positive feedback from some of the thousands of people who passed through the hospital while it was on. Pictures can help brighten up everyone’s day, especially when we are feeling anxious about our loved ones, or our own health. Our thanks go out to Crosshouse Hospital for giving us the opportunity to display the club’s work and to spread a little happiness. We wish everyone there, and throughout our wonderful NHS, all the best in these really difficult times. Thank you for everything you do.

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Many thanks to Agnes for supplying this weeks photos of the newspaper pages. A great record.

Another Scoop. If you didn't get your copy when we were featured in the Herald, this will be featured in this weeks Kilmarnock Standard.

Well done Clive, another great review and more publicity for the club.