In the Herald - Another chance to show amazing entries

Date Published 
Fri 11 Dec 2020

Herald Edition - 25/11/2020

Irvine Camera Club’s set theme competition a few weeks ago had such a large number of entries that we didn’t have the space in one newspaper spread to show you just how good some of wonderful photographers are getting. So, this week I have decided to revisit the Street, Nature and Landscape photographs that only just missed out on the top placings. These are some of the images that Ruth Hayton, our judge from Ayr Photographic Society, picked out for special commendation.

I hope you enjoy the wide and varied subjects our members have photographed. I am very impressed with the general increase in really good quality photography that we have seen in Irvine Camera Club during the lockdown months. As the winter stretches out before us I really hope that, if nothing else, this wonderful hobby will continue to serve as a creative distraction from the woes of the world around us.

If you would like to explore photography and learn more about creative image making, you are would be made very welcome. We are a friendly small group of people of all ages. We currently meet weekly on Zoom but hope to get back to our clubroom in Dreghorn as soon as possible in the New Year. You can find all out details and see more examples of our work at our website