In the Herald - Alphabet challenge is bringing out the best

Date Published 
Wed 3 Nov 2021

For a wee bit of fun, in-between the serious business of competition, we like to set our members and friends a weekly photographic challenge.  Since the start of October, we have been asking our members and friends to go out with their cameras each week to capture images relating to consecutive letters of the alphabet.  The images are posted up on our Facebook Group and each week the previous week’s “winner” selects their favourite photo of that week.

This kind of relaxed challenge is an excellent way of getting us to think outside the box, or simply to open out minds up to the photographic possibilities that present themselves.  We don’t limit the number of photos that can be uploaded which really allows members to flex their creative muscles and to upload anything that they would like to share.

As we head into November we have now completed A, B, C and D.  There are some patterns of thinking emerging, but there is also a good variety of subjects and styles.  I’m sure as we progress through the alphabet things will get even more interesting, especially by the time we get to W,X,Y,Z!

I hope you enjoy this selection of alphabetic achievements.  I’m looking forward to sharing more of what the club create in the coming months.

Irvine Camera Club are meeting on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 10pm at the Fullarton Community Hub in Irvine.  We also still have access to our well-equipped studio at the Townend Community Centre in Dreghorn which can be made available to members of the club by arrangement.  If you are keen to learn more about photography and would like to meet like-minded folk please have a look at our website where you will find our member’s photo galleries, the club programme for the year and all the information you need if you would like to get involved.