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Wed 13 Apr 2022

This week Irvine Camera Club held its annual Prize Giving evening.  Even though covid is still an ongoing concern we wanted to close the season properly in the usual fashion with a celebration of all our members’ photography.  We encouraged everyone to come along to Fullarton Hub with some snacks and drinks for a bit of a party.

Although numbers were down on some of the attendances we had been getting earlier in the year the celebratory atmosphere soon got going when the club’s chair, Tracy Ross, stood up to announce our talented Prize Winners.

The roll of honour this year is:

Fiona Wallace – “InStore Photo Quaich” for best Sports In Action

Jim Mason – “Irvine Plate” for best Landscape

Andy Millar – “Ian Davidson Memorial” for winning the End of Season Knock-Out

Clive Watkins – “Ardeer Plate” for winning Best Overall Colour Print Photographer

Michele Campbell – “Townend Quaich” for winning Best Overall Mono Print Photographer

Peter Heywood – “Dreghorn Plate” awarded by the committee to Most Improved Photographer

Chloe Campbell – “Eglinton Plate” for Best Overall Beginner

Clive Watkins – “Annick Quaich” for Best Overall Projected Digital Image Photographer

Clive Watkins – “President’s Quaich” for Best Overall Photographer

The presentation of the prizes was followed with a slide show of each of the winner’s work, highlighting the superb level of quality within in the club as well as showing just how tightly contested all of the competitions have been this year.  I am sure that there are several excellent photographers in the club who having narrowly missed out this year will be setting their sights on getting their names on some of the trophies next season.

Corks were then popped and everyone tucked into some refreshments while a slide show of everyone’s work was shown in the background.  To keep the party atmosphere going our newly appointed Vice Chair, Alan Kempster, stepped up to deliver a quirky but very entertaining quiz.  The room was split into teams and I swear the level of competition for the prize of a Cream Egg was just as intense as it was for the trophies!  They needn’t have worried because win or lose everyone was awarded a sweet treat before we wrapped up the evening.

The club will now have a one week break before start our summer season of photo walks and excursions.  It’s going to be a fun time and I’m sure several members will already be thinking about the fantastic photographers they want to get over the summer months.  If you would like to join us in any of our activities please keep an eye on our website  Until next week, take care and enjoy the light!