In the Herald - Aimee portrait picture perfect

Date Published 
Wed 30 Mar 2022

After a long winter season, the last competitive trophy of the year at Irvine Camera Club is the Ian Davidson Memorial Quaich.  This is awarded to the winner of our annual internal Knock-Out competition.  Unlike nearly all our other competitions, this one is voted for by the club members themselves.  


Due to a large number of positive Covid19 cases amongst members we had to revert back to using Zoom this week.  This actually proved a very successful way to display the images in pairs and to allow the members to vote on their favourite.  Voting is anonymous and, unlike the usual show-of-hands, one person’s vote doesn’t influence anyone else’s.


Our members didn’t disappoint with a wide selection of subjects and styles on display.  As one by one images were eliminated from the competition, each photographer was asked to talk about their work before moving on to the next pair.  The standard was very high and the votes were often extremely close, showing that in a lot of cases there really was nothing to choose between them.


After 4 rounds of voting we were left with three images.  Mary MacLaren’s  beautiful coastal evening shot “Portencross Sunset”,  Tracy Ross’s clever high impact subway photo “Time Travel” and Andy Millar’s simple but superbly lit portrait of his granddaughter “Aimee”


The voting was very tight and by a narrow margin Tracy’s image was eliminated.  The final round vote between Mary and Andy was another close-run thing but it was Andy Millar was awarded the overall win on the night.


I hope you enjoy looking at this selection of images from the knockout.  Next, we have our AGM and then hopefully a bit of a party with our prizegiving night the week afterward.  As the days get longer and the weather warmer we will be venturing out on our regular club photo walks.  If you would like to join us you can find all the details on our website


Until next week, stay safe and enjoy the light!