In the Herald - 27th May - Lockdown Life

Date Published 
Sun 31 May 2020

The Club's in the local paper again this week. Many thanks to all of this weeks photographers, Clive Watkins for his report, and The Irvine Herald for putting it all together.....(click on images below to view full screen)

The Irvine Camera Club challenge this week really did push our members out of their comfort zones!  We asked them to take photographs on three different themes.  “Emotion”, “strong diagonals” and “different point of view”.  Each of these themes was sufficiently open to interpretation to allow folk to approach them with their own creative ideas.  On Wednesday night we met as usual on Zoom to discuss our experiences and the images we made.  Hopefully as you can see from the some of the images here, there was a good and very varied selection to look at.

The club has started a mentorship programme and this week’s images are already beginning to demonstrate the positive impact that is having on the overall standard of our photography.

We were also very happy to welcome Anne Charlotte Sire from Photo Club Vicinois who are our sister club in Irvine’s twin town Voisins-le-Bretonneux, just outside of Paris.  Over the years the two clubs have collaborated on exhibitions and have reciprocated visits under the town twinning umbrella.  In conversations it became apparent that since lockdown the French club had not been very active.  To demonstrate our success on going “virtual” we invited Anne Charlotte to attend.  We hope we she’ll report back favourably on the experience and hopefully Photo Club Vicinois will be up and running again soon with some of the Irvine club able to join a virtual visit to France in return!

Irvine Camera Club continues to meet every Wednesday evening online.  If you are interested in joining our community of keen photographers, whatever your experience or ability, please see our website for details