In the Herald - 20th May - A chance to see everyday objects in a new light

Date Published 
Thu 21 May 2020

The Club's in the local paper again this week. Many thanks to all of this weeks photographers, Clive Watkins for his report, and The Irvine Herald for putting it all together.....(click on images below to view full screen)

This week the members of Irvine Camera Club were challenged to come up with photographs on themes of light & shade, pattern and texture.  These topics were chosen to get people to look at the everyday world around them and to try to pick out the details that are often ignored by everyone else.  There are pictures to be found everywhere around us.   It just needs us as photographers to slow down and start to see the world in a different way.  I found it fascinating to see how creative some of the members got, picking out interpretations from such everyday objects as a sprinkler head, smarties, washing baskets and even pineapples!

The club has also started a mentorship scheme where experienced photographers are paired with beginners to help them learn more about their cameras and image making in general.  I was pleased to see an immediate impact on the standard.  I hope that the idea gathers pace and that we can all make creative use of our time in lockdown to help each other learn and grow in our hobby.

Joining a camera club is an excellent way to get inspiration for your photography.  Not only is it a great way to improve and learn, it also really good fun being part of a group of like-minded people.  Of course, our usual club-room and field trip activities continue to be curtailed by the current lock-down restrictions, but the club is still vibrant and active through our weekly Zoom meetings.  If you would like to join us, please contact us via our web page or alternatively find us on social media.




Nice pineapples! 

That looks really good!

Yea Pete, they go well with the Kilmarnock draincover made in Kirkintilloch. Lol

Another great display and report in the Irvine Herald. Well done everyone.  

Again a first class job done by Clive. Thanks Clive, and well done to all the Photographers for your input and making the night very enjoyable. 

Well done again, yet another good advert for the Club