2021 SPF Print Championship

Date Published 
Sun 8 Aug 2021

We have just recieved the results of the SPF Print Championship - to be placed 8th overall is an excellent result.

Notable mention to Michele Campbell who scored 2 x 15 which is the maximum score gaining individual awards of Highly Commended for "Knit one purl one" & Commended for "Flower Girl"

Many images scored 12 and above which has often been seen as the "Acceptance" level - a great result.

See: https://www.scottish-photographic-federation.org/sites/default/files/dow...and                     https://www.scottish-photographic-federation.org/sites/default/files/dow...    

Author - Print no - Mark - Title:

Michele Campbell C1 15 Flower girl

Michele Campbell C2 15 Knit one purl one

Michele Campbell C3 13 Whizz kid

Michele Campbell M1 14 Sisters

Michele Campbell M2 14 Contemplation

Michele Campbell M3 13 Music & Dance 

Alan Campbell C1 10 Tufty N

Alan Campbell C2 13 Oh Nutz N

Alan Campbell C3 12 Calming the tides of War

Alan Campbell M1 10 Got a Light

Clive Watkins C1 10 Fast food N

Clive Watkins C2 13 I want to break free N

Clive Watkins C3 14 Goldcrest gymnastics N

Clive Watkins M1 12 Turbine 40

Clive Watkins M2 12 Upturned

Clive Watkins M3 12 Bethedsa Isolation

Alan Kempster C1 11 No left turn

Alan Kempster C2 10 Herky Bird

Alan Kempster M1 13 Boat Shed

Alan Kempster M2 11 Stairway to heaven

Tracy Ross C1 11 Castle Stalker

Tracy Ross C2 11 Sunrise at Loch Tula

Tracy Ross M1 12 Pandemic pit

Tracy Ross M2 12 A different corner

Tracy Ross M3 11 Little Monster

David Spelman C1 9 Such a lovely smile

David Spelman C2 13 Dragonfly landing N

David Spelman M1 9 Street Warior

Pete Heywood C1 9 Jews harp player

Pete Heywood C2 10 Walking in Bruges

Pete Heywood M1 11 Coffee queue in lockdown

Pete Heywood M2 10 Cheeky monkey

Debbie Andrews C1 14 Woodland trio N

Debbie Andrews M1 12 No Entry


Fantastic result for the club!  Thank you to everyone who provided prints and thanks to Alan for organising our entry - I  know it's not an easy task!