2022-2023 Committee

Our Committee for the 2022-23 Season is listed below.  If you have a query, or if you think you might like to join the committee and would like to know more, then speak to any of them and they'll help you out, or will direct you to someone who can.   

Office Bearers:             

  • Clive Watkins - Secretary, Hon President
  • Tracy Ross - Chair  
  • Alan Kempster - Hon. Vice-Chair 
  • Colin Houston - Treasurer  

Ordinary Committee Members
  • Colin Duffy
  • Debbie Andrews
  • Nigel Herron
  • Bob Wark


  • Internal Competition Secretary - Tracy Ross
    • Responsible for the administration of all internal club competitions, inter-club KOs and liasing with the judges.
  • External Competition Secretary - Bob Wark
    • Responsible for the administration of all external club competitions (SPF, PAGB, Inter Ayrshire)
  • Programme Secretary - Alan Kempster (assisted by Colin Duffy)
    • Responsible for the administration, managment of the club programme
  • Membership Secretary - Colin Houston
    • Responsible for the administration of the membership including the collection of fees
  • Exhibition Coordinator - Alan Kempster (assisted by Clive Watkins)
    • Responsible for finding venues for exhibition and liasing with the venue before, during and after each exhibition.
  • Website Administrator - Alan Kempster (assisted by Clive Watkins)
    • Responsible for the adminstration and management of the clubs's website structure and content
  • Social Media Convenors - Colin Duffy and Tracy Ross
    • Responsible for administrating and promoting the club's social media presence
  • Raffle Convenor - Colin Houston (assisted by Debbie Andrews)
    • Responsible for stocking the weekly raffle and for managing the float
  • Tea Convenor - Colin Houston and Debbie Andrews
    • Responsible for providing refreshments 
  • Studio Convenor - Tracy Ross
    • Responsible for the administration of the club's studio facility at Townend, including access and collection and payment of fees
  • Community Association Liaison - Nigel Herron
    • Responsible for attending and reporting to/from the Townend Community Association meetings

It is slightly unusal that Irvine Camera Club has both a Chair and a President.  In our club the roles are quite distinct:


The Chairperson ensures that the Committee functions properly, that there is full participation during a committee meeting, that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.  The overaching role of the chair is to provide leadership for the club and to ensure the club as a whole is effectively managed.  The Chair or Vice-Chair will usually bring all club meetings to order.


The President is appointed by the committee each year if they decide the club needs that role.

It is not a role elected by the membership.  It is an advisory, non-voting role.  The President advises on the long term strategy for the club and acts as an ambassador to other clubs and organisations.