2021-22 Committee

We currently have the Committee Members listed below. If you have a query, or if you think you might like to join the committee and would like to know more, then speak to any of them and they'll help you out, or hopefully direct you to someone who can.                 

Clive Watkins - Hon. President  - additionally Social Media and Publicity - https://www.siglov.co.uk/Photography/Contact/

Tracy Ross - Chair (office bearer) 

Bob Wark - Vice-Chair (office bearer) 

Alan Kempster - Hon. Secretary (office bearer) - addditionally: Website/Social Media, Programme, and internal competitions assistant - irvinecc.secretary@gmail.com

Debbie Andrews - Treasurer (office bearer) and Membership - additionally: Social Media and News, and Raffle

Ordinary Committee Members
  • Sandra King
  • Nigel Herron
  • Alan Campbell
  • Shane Kelly

Updated April 2021 CW Hon Pres