SC4 review (w39) - at Fullarton ConneXions

Wed 2 Jun 2021 7:00pm

7-9 pm. Trialling a new venue, in person. It is hoped that we have a good turnout so we can fully assess its suitability for possible future use. 
We will be projecting images from SC4 and carrying out our usual review.

Please observe the usual Covid regulations.
We will be using the Sanctuary/Auditorium - the main large room.

If arriving early please wait outside until advised that the room has been prepaed and cleaned for us to enter - bring your mask.

Fullarton ConneXions
Church Street
KA12 8PE


Hi what do you class as  documentary

Hi Nigel.  It can pretty much mean whatever you want it to mean.  But basically it's about telling a story with a picture - usually with people in it, but not necessarily.  Imagine you were asked to document the event (not just the location) for a newspaper.  

Its just a bit of fun so don't worry too much about it 

PARKING - NB it appears that access to the rear will be restricted by road closure so please try parking at the front of the church - Access from the other side of the railway roundabout.

Turned out not to be a problem as the roadworks stop after 5pm and the road gets re-opened.

A good turnout for our first time back.