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I am looking for any comments, critiques, suggestions etc., on the monochrome treatment of this image, please.



Background: Just driving around the post-apocalyptic landscape in Newmilns and surrounds, and found this scene, which I thought would look good in B&W.

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Image by Shane Kelly


Hi Shane,

A few comments from me, for what they are worth :D

The image by itself lacks a focal point. If it's part of a series of pictures where you are telling a bigger story then maybe it will work better. Is that your plan?

It borders on being a texture style image, but I don't think you are close enough for that.

I don't think seeing the sky through the trees adds anything to the shot, so I would crop it out. See the cropped version attached.

The tonal range looks good.

Hope my comments help.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for that, I do think that this version is better - bit more impact, I think.


i agree lose the sky, and maybe a figure stepping out of the wood from the left hand side, would give it some scale.

Submitted by paul-kelly on Mon 14 Sep 2020 2:42pm

Hi Paul,

Yep, the no sky version has more impact (see my comment above). No chance for a person in the image - this is the back of beyond around Newmilns, humans are few and far between. :-) I just tried layering in an old pic of a hiker, but couldn't decide where to put it so that it looked sort of real. Ah well, back to the drawing board...