Re-sizing Images for Competitions and Galleries

Maximum image file sizes:

Our competition rules require projection of files with an aspect ratio of 4:3  and a maximum image width of 1400 pixels - so all images must fit within 1400x1050 pixels. However, images much smaller, say 1024x768 will appear too small and will not be effective.

Landscape format:    Width: 1400 pixels maximum,  Height: 1050 pixels maximum.

Portrait format:        Height: 1050 pixels maximum and the software will size the width.

Square format:        Width: 1050 pixels   Height: 1050 pixels

Image file size: must be less than 12 MB 

Image File Format: Highest Quality available JPEG

Image File Name:   Image Title with spaces

Entry Submission:  Follow this link to enter.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Images for Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions, and Gallery display.

ICC uses an Optima HD Projector for displaying our PDI Competitions. This projection equipment gives the most accurate representation of digital images in terms of colour, tone, fine detail and image sharpness and enables us to project using the sxga 4:3 size of 1400x1050 pixels. See calibration image link below.

NB For Galleries on this website the same guide applies but the maximum side length (width or height) value is 800 pixels - this size will be too small for a PDI competition entry.

In order to display your images in the most optimum way and to ensure that they are projected correctly, it is important to follow these guidelines exactly for the preparation of your digital files, and failure to configure the files correctly may result in poor reproduction.

Please note that these guidelines are designed principally for PC users who use any of 3 popular image processing software packages: Photoshop, PS Elements, Lightroom. For other image processing software please consult the HELP tab in your specific application or go on-line for advice/help (use the search term 'Re-sizing images' with the name of your software application). For members with MACs a different procedure may be required - please consult the HELP tab on your installed software and/or other Mac users in the Club.

For beginners, basic adjustments, e.g resizing, cropping, cloning, colour, levels adjustments etc can be made in a free software programme called Faststone.

Also see and..

Summary of Basic Requirements

Projection Colour Space: sRGB

 Detailed Guidelines

Projection Colour Space: sRGB has been adopted as the standard. Other colour spaces (e.g. Adobe RGB) will either be converted, possibly resulting in 'false colouration' and a poor projected image.

File Image Format:

Finalised images should be saved in the highest possible JPEG quality and submitted as JPEG files (filename.jpg). NB Other file formats such as .tif, .psd, RAW formats etc will not be recognised. The maximum file size is 12 mb.

It is strongly recommended that your competition entries be saved in a separate folder (e.g. on your Desktop or a place of your choice) to avoid the possibility of overwriting your original images with the considerably smaller and lower quality PDI files. Also if you are chosen to represent the club at County or National level your images may need to be resized and you may need the original.

Image Labelling:

Just the image title, the upload does the rest (remember no names/titles or watermarks on images)

Entry Submission:

Entries should be submitted via the upload system by the deadline, these dates are shown in the programme and in "Manage Competitions" area on the Members area.

Go here for Help - 

For further details for specific software please check out an up to date web tutorial (ie YouTube).

Calibration Image:

Please visit:

- download and view full screen/fit to page on your monitor.

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